A pictorial history of Sparrows International Crane Hire
A pictorial history of Sparrows International Crane Hire
Mrs Edith Sparrow with Alf, George, and Gordon, at the company's 25th Anniversary.
Alf and his wife Pat.
Alf shares a moment at home in Looe with Wendy.
Alf and Nicky at Alf and Pat's home in Looe, Cornwall.
Alf with one of his favourite cars, the Jaguar.
Alf's son Steve.
Alf and Wendy at NASA.
George, in party mood as the Abbott at his home in Beckford Gate, Lansdown, Bath.
Gordon during his service with The Royal Engineers.


Mrs Edith Sparrow (Mum) with her grandson by Gordon and Sheila.
Gordon and Sheila's wedding,
Merv Green, Alf's son in law operated this 75ton Gottwald on a Faun chassis, the crane was based at Bristol Depot.
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