A pictorial history of Sparrows International Crane Hire
A pictorial history of Sparrows International Crane Hire
Marsden Point Refinery, New Zealand. The flare stack very clear in centre of picture.
Multi axles were needed to overcome the low load carrrying capacity of several bridges.en route.
Transported to site by Dales Freightways.
The Gottwald 1000 tonne crane being loaded for the trip to New Zealand.
The upper works ready for placement aboard the ship prior to the trip to New Zealand.
The 1000 tonne Gottwald at Marsden Point, New Zealand.
The Car body of the Gottwald 1000 tonne crane being transported to Marsden Point after repairs and repaint.
The American 11320 on Skyhorse (450 tons capacity) working at Marsden point with the Gottwald.
The 100 tonne Gottwald prepares for a record lift at Marsden Point refinery.
The 1000 tonne Gottwald makes a record lift for a truck mounted Crane, the vessel weighed 742 tonnes, Marsden Point, New Zealand.
The placement of the last vessel in New Zealand 742 tonnes.
Topping out the flare stack at Marsden Point.
A rare view of the 1000 tonne Gottwald taken from the top of the flare stack during Top Out.
Press release of the record lift by the Gottwald 1000 tonne crane, 742 tonnes, the tailing in cranes were the American 11320 and a Manitowoc 4100 series 3.
A job well done!!! Ken Cross, Project Manager, Norman Small, crane operator and a New Zealander.
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