A pictorial history of Sparrows International Crane Hire
A pictorial history of Sparrows International Crane Hire
The machine housing and gantry arrived from Holland pre-assembled by American Hoist and Derrick, this picture was taken prior to the erection of the first of the two American Revolver cranes at Laing Offshore.
It was Alf Sparrows idea to mount the 800 ton American Hoist Revolver cranes on 200 ft high Gabbards, using the 500 tonne Gottwald and a 300 ton capaicity Manitowoc 4100 ringer to build the first crane.
At the end of the project Sparrows Contract Services dismantled the second 800 ton Revolver firstly removing the boom prior to the breakdown of the crane and gabbard for removal to Laing Offshore's storage site at Graythorp.
The Ettaplft system is slid on teflon plates over the crane and gabbard to commence final dismantling.
Work progresses through the night.
The upperworks near ground level.
The upperworks is landed on the crawler transporters for rermoval to the storage site.
The tub and slew ring are lifted clear of the gabbard.
The slew ring and base being lowered through the night.
The slew ring and base are lowered on the transporters for removal to the storage area.
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