A pictorial history of Sparrows International Crane Hire
A pictorial history of Sparrows International Crane Hire

                          Sparrows operators and staff (Early days)

      1. Alan Morris                                          10 ton Lorain

      2. Harry Hall                                            10 ton Coles mobile

3. Bev Hitchcock**                                 Apprentice/Yard

4.Ted Hitchcock (Scatcher)                     5 ton Michigan crawler crane.

5. Bill Woodman                                      5 ton Coles

6. Stuart Gregory***                                10 ton Allen

7. Dave Moon                                           5 ton Michigan

8. Ian Cross                                              Apprentice Alan Morris

9. Jack Hazell                                           5 ton Coles/22 ton Grove

      10.Brian Lambert (Bunny)                       5 ton Allen

      11. Frank Sumsion****                           15 ton NCK/50 ton Coles

      12. Charlie Poore                                     15 ton NCK

      13. Harry Taylor                                      15ton NCK

      14. Rex Moon                                          5 ton Coles

      15. George James*****                           110 ton Lorain

      16. Paddy Cox                                         70 ton Lorain

      17. Dave Stockman*                                105 ton Centurion/500 tonne Gottwald

      18. Norman Small*                                  110 ton Lorain/500 tonne Gottwald

      19. Bert Baker                                         6 ton Coles

      20. Derek Vaughan                                  70 ton Grove Telescopic

      21. Dave Barnaby******                        Trainee 110ton/Lorain

      22. Alfie Gillette (Fitter)                          Bath

      23. Ivor Slingo (Fitter)                             Bath

      24. Charlie Evans (Fitter)                        Bath

      25. Eric Sartain                                        25ton Coles

      26. Alfie Coles (ex Fred Short)               25 ton Coles)

      27. Glynne Thomas                                  105 ton Coles Centurion

      28. Neil Ford                                            Fitter/welder 

      29. Ted Boyce                                          Crane Inspector.

      30. Paul Hogan**                                     Fitter/Workshop manager Rezayat.

      31. Gordon (Dapper) Davies***              NCK 545 Sprawler

      32. Arthur Hillier                                      5ton Coles

      33. Betty Short                                          Secretary


  • * Alan became manager at Bath Depot.
  • ** Bev later became an experienced operator of all types of Cranes before promotion to Manager at Southampton depot.
  • *** Stuart became Sales Rep, Depot Manager, Area Manager, and Director
  • of Sparrows Cranes.
  • **** Frank became Sales Rep, Depot Manager, Area Manager, and Director of Heavy Crane Division, then Group Sales and Marketing director.
  • ***** George became a crane instructor he organised and headed the group drivers training school at Bath.
  • ****** Dave went on to be the youngest depot manager, at Didcot, then manager at Plymouth depot before becoming Operations Manager at Sparrows Heavy Crawler Cranes.
  • * Dave Stockman and Norman Small were the operators of both the 500 tonne and 1000 tonne Gottwald cranes as they were introduced to the Sparrow fleet.
  • **Paul also worked for Offshore Services.
  • ***Gordon later became London Depot Manager
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